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Successfully Listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong on 31 March 2017
Stock Code:02017.HK
Chanhigh Holdings Limited

Chanhigh Holding Limited (“Chanhigh”) was founded in 2001 and successfully listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited on 31 March, 2017 (stock code:02017).


The qualifications possessed by Chanhigh include First-Grade General Contractor for Municipal Public Works, First-Grade General Contractor for Water Work and Hydropower Project, First-Grade General Contractor for Housing Construction Projects, First-Grade Professional Contractor for Urban and Street Lighting Projects, First-Grade Professional Contractor for Building Renovation Projects, First-Grade Professional Contractor for Historic Building Projects, Second-Grade General Contractor for Highway Projects, Third-Grade General Contractor for Electrical Engineering Projects, Third-Grade General Contractor for Ground Foundation Engineering, Third-Grade General Contractor for Environmental Projects, and an A-Grade Landscape Construction Qualification Design, China Cleaning Industry Qualification Certificate (National 1sd Class Qualification),Grade-B for Afforestation and Construction.
Adhering to the development idea of “Strive for Excellence, Be Excellent Craftsmen and Construct Excellent Projects” and keeping improving continuously, Chanhigh has actively participated in the process of urbanization in China, and constructed many excellent projects across China, ranging from landscape engineering, city road engineering, ancient architecture engineering, water conservancy engineering, environmental protection engineering and etc. Up to now, Chanhigh has undertaken more than one thousand projects in eighteen provinces, three municipalities and three autonomous regions across China. and has been awarded over 100 prizes ranging from national, provincial and municipal honor successively and stood among “Top 50 urban Gardening and Landscaping Companies in China”and “Key Enterprises of Ningbo Construction Industry” for consecutive years.
Chanhigh regards scientific and technical innovation as its driving force of development, and has established Chu Junhao Academician Workstation, Enterprise Technology Center of Ningbo. Now, with the support of teachers and students teams from famous universities (such as Tsinghua University, Tongji University) and Chanhigh Innovation Works, Chanhigh is sparing no efforts to build “Linkage-Innovation Industrial Park” and promote the “Industry-college-institute Cooperation” development in new technology and craft, new material and new equipment. At present, Chanhigh has self-research patents for invention and technology construction methods, which enable itself to undertake various kinds of high-end projects.
In the future, Chanhigh will actively build a complete industrial chain of infrastructure construction integrating bid inviting, consulting, engineering, purchasing, constructing monitoring, operating, instrumentation and property service. Taking “Improving life quality and harmonizing with nature” as its vision, Chanhigh promotes the enterprise spirits of “Receptive, Innovative, Pragmatic, and Responsible”, upholds the development strategies of “Revitalizing Enterprise with Science and Technology and Strengthening Enterprise by Talents” and is willing to provide excellent service to the society sincerely. 

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