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Concept on Culture

Concept on Culture

Cultural Philosophy

Improving life quality and harmonizing with nature
What are our responsibilities?
Don't forget the original aspiration, keep in mind the reasons for the existence of enterprises and the responsibilities they shoulder.
Core values
Receptive, Innovative, Pragmatic and Responsible
Who are we?
Our fundamental beliefs and values
The Relationship between Core Values and Mission:

——Core value is the core of corporate culture concept system and the fundamental power to accomplish the mission.
——Mission is the carrier and concrete manifestation of core values in enterprise activities.
Core Values
Receptive, Innovative, Pragmatic and Responsible
Future Strategies
People-Oriented, Innovative, Prosperous
People-Oriented: People-oriented is the key point in the business activity of Chanhigh. It emphasizes balance, inclusiveness and sustainable development with its mission to be all-win and harmonious coexistence between human, society and nature.
Innovative: Set up a healthy and positive innovation system, establish and improve positive incentive mechanism and fault-tolerant mechanism, support and encourage innovators who take the lead in creative ways, create an open and inclusive atmosphere.
Prosperous: Chanhigh people break through to a new level and have the sense of mission, happiness and pride. We will forge ahead in unity and create a better future.控股”优质品牌形象。
Corporate Mission
Improving life quality and harmonizing with nature.

Characteristic Culture

The Culture of the Ocean

Chanhigh promotes its people to have the spirit of ocean, such as inclusive, hard-working, optimistic and dedicated.
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Original Aspiration Culture

We adhere to the principles of establishing quality enterprise for the country and People.

Home Culture

Chanhigh adheres to the principles of “People Oriented” and always takes “People-Oriented, Innovative, Prosperous” as development strategies. Chanhigh strengthens employees’ willpower and improves team cohesiveness, through launching recreational activities, e.g. staff jogging…
Staff fitness centre on 3rd floor.
Free of charge working lunch.
Body check and psychological counseling to staff.
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Slogan Culture

Peng Daosheng, the founder of Chanhigh, created the slogan of “Based on Chanhigh and Looking Forward to the Future”, encouraging everyone in Chanhigh to be pragmatic, optimistic and positive.

Theme Culture

Chanhigh launches distinctive theme activities monthly, e.g. hot spring and buffet gathering on Women’s Day, volunteer activity in Chanhigh Agricultural Garden in April and charity house visit in May…

Studious Culture

Chanhigh encourages its people to be studious. Chanhigh provides various learning opportunities to its people constantly. Staff’s eagerness of study is one of the key elements of Chanhigh’s rapid development.
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