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◆ Chanhigh was qualified as the “First-Grade General Contractor for Housing Construction Projects”, the “Second-Grade General Contractor for Highway Projects” and the “Third-Grade General Contractor for Electrical Engineering Projects”.
◆ Chanhigh Cultural Centre was completed.
◆ Chanhigh upgraded its core values as “Receptive, Innovative, Pragmatic and Responsible”.


◆ Chanhigh was listed on Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (stock code:02017) and qualified as the “First-Grade General Contractor for Water Works and Hydropower Project”
◆ Zhejiang Chanhigh Industrial Investment Co., Ltd. was established to be engaged in engineering services and projects support.


◆ Chanhigh was qualified as “Ningbo Municipal Enterprise Technology Center of Construction Industry”.
◆ Chanhigh Holding Limited (“Chanhigh”) was founded after reorganization overseas.


◆ Chanhigh was one of the top five municipal landscape construction companies in terms of revenue from municipal landscaping projects in Yangtze River, according to Frost & Sullivan, the biggest global consulting firms.


◆ Chanhigh was qualified as the “First-Grade Professional Contractor for Building Renovation Projects” and the “First-Grade Professional Contractor for Historic Building Projects”.


◆ Chanhigh was qualified as “First-Grade Professional Contractor for Urban and Street Lighting Projects”.


◆ Chanhigh was qualified as the “First-Grade General Contractor for Municipal Public Works” and ranked among the Top 50 Urban Landscape Enterprises in China.


◆ Chanhigh was qualified as the “First-Grade for Urban Landscaping Construction”.  


◆ Chanhigh Industrial Building, the first high-rise commercial building completed by Chanhigh in 2007, used to be the highest building along the Ning-heng Road (renamed as “Canghai Road” in 2015).


◆ Yin County Shanshui Landscape Engineering Limited (鄞縣山水園林工程有限公司)was established with landscaping construction and municipal road construction as its main business.

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