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Academician Workstation Expert Team and Patent Advantage

  In order to adapt to the development of the construction industry in the new era, continuously enhance its core competitiveness and capability in technological innovation, Chanhigh has reached an in-depth cooperation agreement with academician Chu Junhao and actively worked together with experts and scholars from universities and scientific research institutions such as East China Normal University and Tongji University in the research, development and application of new technologies in the construction industry.
  At present, Chanhigh has quite a few patents for invention and utility models, and will file a number of new patents each year to promotes its business.
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Digital technology enables the high-quality development of IoT

The Company is specialized in the development and implementation of IoT technology, software information system and intelligent solutions of IoT. Through IoT technology, the Company achieves intelligent operation and maintenance management of monitored objects, mainly including intelligent buildings, intelligent municipal structures, intelligent water conservancy structures, etc.. Currently the Company owns three patents and six software copyrights. The Company has developed a number of intelligent IoT products, and launched an integrated intelligent IoT platform.
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