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Social Responsibility

Environmental Protection

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Annual Tree Planting Activities

Chanhigh supports environmental protection cause, and incorporates environmental management and pollution control into its long-term development strategy. By continuously increasing investment in environmental protection, Chanhigh aims to implement its mission of “Improving life quality and harmonizing with nature” in various ways.




Participating in “Five-Water Co-Governance” by Yinzhou District

Chanhigh actively responds to the call of Yinzhou District Committee and the District Government and participates in the “Five-Water Co-Governance” action, with the fastest speed and the most practical measures. 








Tree Planting

Chanhigh creates staff planting forests out of its nursery base, combining staff tree planting with enterprise maintenance for the higher survival rate of seedlings, as well as for the higher participating spirit and green awareness.





Publicity Film

Publicity Film