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Social Responsibility

Social responsibility

Concept on Responsibility


Concept on Responsibility

Our mission is “Improving life quality and harmonizing with nature”, by which we diligently respond to customers, employees, shareholders, communities and environment.

Culture on Responsibility

We integrate legal, moral and public welfare awareness into the construction of corporate culture. We strive to establish a culture centered on courage, cooperation and harmony. We emphasises social responsibility in the performance evaluation system, in order to promote the integration of responsibility into all aspect of the enterprise.  

Sustainable Development

Environmental Protection
Environmental Protection in Operation
Caring for the Next Generation

Caring for the Next Generation

Undertaking Reforestation of Huangyu Mountain and Carp Mountain

Donating to China's Southwestern Arid Area

Charity Sale for Xinjiang

Support the Construction of Old Urban Area and Disaster Area

Volunteers in Action

We actively provide employees with a platform to participate in community services, to connect people in need with employees who are enthusiastic about social welfare. We encourage employees to adhere to the volunteer spirit of “Dedication, Friendship, Cooperation and Progress”. Everyone is doing his best, regardless of pay.

Volunteer Registration

Publicity Film

Publicity Film