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Social Responsibility

Caring for the Next Generation

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Concern and support the training of the next generation, to be a responsible enterprise. We will carry out a series of public welfare activities and actively participate in caring activities such as helping students, poverty, orphans and disabled people.

Chanhigh is actively involved in the cultivation of the next generation. We conduct a series of public welfare activities, caring and helping the poor, the orphaned and the disabled. 


CH Caring for Minors

Chanhigh cares for the physical and mental health of minors. We organize visits to welfare home and primary schools with books, toys and school supplies. We also build after-school educational sites free for minors. Chanhigh has been awarded many honorary titles, such as “Enterprise for Caring Minors.



CH Working with Universities

By setting up education funds and internship, Chanhigh will provide more opportunities for college students.







Publicity Film

Publicity Film