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Lecture Hall

Lecture Hall

Time: Classes will begin in March 2016, every two weeks.

Object: All staff.

Objective: To possess the necessary knowledge and skills for the current position; to master the knowledge and skills required for promotion; to train to be a "master of the job".

Significance: Enriching staff's spiritual life, improving staff's comprehensive quality, increasing enterprise cohesion and competitiveness.

Teachers: Mr. Zhu Youjun, Vice President of Ningbo Binhai City Culture Research Institute and Executive Director of Zhejiang Financial Engineering Society, Professor Wang Xinquan, City College of Zhejiang University, Professor Zhang Yanting, Zhejiang Industrial and Commercial Vocational and Technical College, Mr. Chailong, Ningbo Minjian Party Concentric Calligraphy and Painting Institute, etc.

Direction of teaching: Emphasizing practical and technical application-oriented courses; Paying special attention to new technology, new channels, new knowledge and innovative knowledge courses; Courses of interest to employees.

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Publicity Film

Publicity Film